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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  February 1, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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stay with us for "good morning america" coming up at 7:00. >> and for a just moments away, the western way of the winter storm. in messing morni commute. >> fixing toyota's gas problems. we will have a live report. >> of the grammy goes to -- >> it was a rematch between beyonce and taylor swift. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning. it is shaping up to be a busy monday.
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let's get right to the latest closings and delays. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. lisa baden has the latest on the roads. it is so cold. a tough morning to get out of bed. >> we have a light breezes and clear skies. temperatures can drop like rock. look at bristow. 1. that is the actual air temperature. 3 and culpeper.
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12 in rockville. 27 in annapolis. it is warm or along the river. -- is warmer along the river. plenty of sunshine. our highs, only in the mid 30's as you can see. plenty of sunshine. it will be a chilly day. some light snow is possible to more night. another assistant friday into saturday. >> use your head. you will be just fine. we do not have any issues as far as interstate travel. travel times are in our favor along 270. we're good along the beltway in montgomery county. we have the normal travel times on 66 and 270. this is out near the airport. 15, route 7, everything looks good. nothing to report between
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richmond and baltimore. now to alison and doug. >> thank you. the combination of slushy rose and cold temperatures could mean a dangerous ride to work -- the combination of slushy roads and cold temperatures could mean a dangerous ride to work this morning. >> when the sun rises today, the snow will of turned to ice. >> it gets you really bad. snow is one thing. iris is another. >> crews scramble to clear roadways. -- ice is another. the temperature dropped into the teens. crews were protruding roots -- pretreating roads. >> there will be focused on the roadways of still have water still on them.
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>> some still found themselves stuck on sunday. >> i rolled back down the hill. >> in burke, these roads looked untouched. presidents were digging out just to get out. correct these back roads never get plowed. they do not care about people who lived in these neighborhoods. for all of the latest roadway conditions, log onto our website, we will have them listed on top of the screen. a deadly shooting in southeast d.c.. police were called to the scene on stevens road before 12:30 this morning. a man died bause of a gunshot wounds. we have a recall of state
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for every toyota driver. they will unveil the plan to fix the faulty gas pedals. more than four men and vehicles were recalled. >> they halted the sale of million miles. -- models. >> if this continued, other problems could surface. they could go from having a solid reputation to the gang there couldn't shoot straight. the better to right this time. >> no timeline on the fix. it could be months before mechanics are trained well. the deficit will hit an all- time high this year. the 23.$3.8 trillion will shoot
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up to a record. it would push the red ink down to $700 billion by the year 2013. it sets aside to was a million dollars to help pay for security for the upcoming terror trials. the white house has not decided where to try the five men. the administration wanted to hold them in new york but is reconsidering after strong resistance. . selection continues todayn the drag racing desperate his nemesis. tavon taylor. he is charged with vehicular manslaughter. they were racing on indian head highway when one car struck and killed eight people. he pleaded guilty on friday. michelle rhee's popularity
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is plummeting. 59% of d.c. residents approved of for performance in 20 away. only 29% approved. now there's a split. 43% approve of what she is doing. mayor fenty's approval rating has dropped to 42%. a traffic alert. a bridge will be closed from today through mid october because of construction work. drivers are urged to follow the detour signs. 5:07, 22 degrees. >> the united states gets back to work in haiti. we have an update. >> it was a night to remember for two artists. >> we are not out of the woods just yet. we will see another round of snow as soon as tomorrow.
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we will have the latest school closings and the delays. you're watching "good morning washington."
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a very good morning. brian van de graaff year on an early monday. we range anywhere from four to about 12 inches south of town. we got more snow the week called for. inouye winter weather pattern is set up. look how cold it is. 11 degrees in warrenton. a bit warmer near reagan national. here is your forecast. we will see lots of sunshine. mid 30's's. a few clouds will start to stream in. lisa is coming up after this. -- mid 30's. >> ♪ as we roll along ♪ we have one minor crash northbound there 450.
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if you're getting into greenbelt northbound, park police aron the way. nothing to report between dale city and the beltway. we're good in and out of baltimore. we will give you travel times in your favor along about what all the way around. we will take you to 270. this is near montrose road. >> i know you love music. did you see the grammy's last night. it was ladies night this year. >> the grammy goes to taylor swift. >> taylor swift won four grammy s, including album of the year. beyonce took home six awards, the most ever by a female artist in one night.
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the kings of leon and ack eyed peas also won a grammys. >> i was sound asleep. 5:13. >> the newest trend sweeping facebook could force you to do a double take. >> we have a lot of school double take. >> we have a lot of school closings
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welcome back to "good morning washington." 5:15. we do have a lot of school closings and delays to pass along. let's start and maryland. -- let's start in mryland.
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checking our top stories. the snow that started to melt has turned to ice has temperatures has dropped well below freezing. please be careful heading into work this morning. >> toyota is set to unveil a fix for faulty gas pedals that gets stuck. this has led to the recall of more than four cars and trucks. toyota says dealers should soon receive the parts needed to make that fix. >> the u.s. is said to resume
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help in haiti. the white house said it is now received assurances additional medical capacity exists in the west and among the international partners. the flights are on track resume. 10 u.s. missionaries are now being detained on human trafficking charges. they are charge of kidnapping 33 haitian children. they say they were just trying to save all vulnerable children from the aftermath of the quake when they arrested on friday night. >> we came here to help these children and we rented a border from approval of the dominican government and the pastor in intrusting these children into our care. >> the prime minister says he is outraged by what he calls their illegal trafficking of children. they are being held without
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charges pending an investigation. 5:17. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. i think this is the coldest morning we have had this morning. >> we had all of the snow from this weekend. we have more snow coming. >> we have a couple of chances as we head through this week. we saw a couple of inches of total. we are in double digits already. nine in ashburn. eight in dallas. that is not the wind chill. that is the air temperature. -- h in dal8 in dulles. it is warmer and down at the water. annapolis, 30. warmer than ashburn. it will be clear today. 30 will be the best we can do it as far as temperatures into the
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afternoon. thisis the next system that will move then. this energy will swing over from the south. it will be colder. it would invest a blow by its bar evening with anywhere from a dusting to an inch or two. we will keep an eye on this system. wednesday morning could be impacted. a bigger system could develop by friday into saturday. it will be an interesting week. sunny and ld. highs in the mid 30's. t southerly wind and full sunshine will not warm us up as we head through this afternoon. the snow is quite dry. low moisture content. most should be able to melt away. clouds will start to roll on and. kind of a cloudy day tomorrow with snow developing tomorrow night into wednesday.
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low to mid 40's will be the best we can do. late friday into saturday, our next system approaches. it could be a major player. it is too early to tell. that is a quick look at your weather. let's check of those side streets. >> i just got off the fog of the caller who sd he was shot 16th street to get through northwest. this was near newton street. he was forced to turn. police said they had a structure fire on newton street. you may find a portion of 16th street being diverted in that area. that is what i can piece together right now. interstate travel looks ok. let's see if i can take you to some maps to give you a idea. 66, nothing to report on 270. >> thank you. it is doppelganger week on
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facebook. is taking some price advice. vinita nair has more. >> amazon backs down in a pricing dispute. they said it will be given to macmillan and agree to sell electronic books for the kindle at higher prices. it will be priced as high as $14.99 when first released. amazon crowley charges $9.99 for best-selling e-books. president obama use the internet to help him get elected. today he will use it to answer your questions. he will answer questions on what on youtube this afternoon. all of the questions were submitted and voted on by youtube users. what celebrity does you look like? fat is the question everyone is asking this week on facebook -- that is the question everyone is
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asking this week on facebook. you switch your picture with a picture of a famous person? do you think you resemble. the question we have, what do celebrity faced people to with their support profiles that there could be a pce of hardware more coveted than a grammy. steve colbert presented with the help of an ipad. he even had a special pocket to hide it. he said it made him cooler than jay-z. he had to give it back after he presented the award. for more information, log onto the tech page at those are your tech bytes. i am vinita nair. >> it doesn't fit as smoothly as an ipod or an iphone. very funny. 5:22.
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it is cold outside, 23 degrees. >> the last time the washington capitals face off against tampa bay was the last time they lost a game. could the keep their winning streak alive? we will find out. >> could your boss do your job? i bet you have thought about that. we will see what happens when they have to get down and do the dirty work.
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call the pro bowl something of a mixed success. >> the nfl moved it to the site of this year's super bowl. 7000 fans turned out to see some of the best players. that is the largest crowd in 50 years. -- 70,000 fans turned out. the nrafc won. >> this is the game you watch as a kid and hope you can play and in some point of your life. i am fortunate to be here. >> star players from indianapolis and new orleans were not available. remember where back when conan o'brien will still the host of "the tonight show" and
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the capitals lost a game? it was not all about long ago, and january 12. tampa bay beat the capitals that there. yesterday, alex ovechkin broke a 2-2 tie to win it. the capitals have now won 10 straight games. that ties a franchise record. they are on a roll. the news continues and 5:30. >> new numbers from the white house about the number of jobs saved from the stimulus. is the program working? >> i knew who he was. >> a bethesda community mourns the loss of a local college student. >> i am courtney robinson live in hyattsville. following the big snow, what to road conditions look like? we'll take a look. >> we have temperatures outside
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specially formulated to promote hairball control... and healthy weight. friskies indoor wet cat food. feed the senses. now turn treat time into party time... with friskies party mix cat treats. get the party started! >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back to "good morning washington. " it is monday, february 1. we are glad you're joining us. -- it is monday. >> we have a lot of school closings and delays. let's get right to them.
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your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we start out with a cold day. it was tough to get out of bed this morning. >> we hope this note is quick to melts away. the ratio was high. we got quite a bit of snow. there could be some light snow tomorrow night into when separate in inch or two possible. but then another big storm possible by the end of the week. 10 in stafford. called to start today. it will feel better with the
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delay at the bus stop. -- cold to start today. let's check in with lisa baden. >> on st., off 16th seet, there is a structure fire this morning. -- on newton street, there is a structure fire. 16th street, be careful. you will be diverted. you may want to take georgia avenue. nothing to report as far as interstate travel. good on 270 and nothing on 70 out of the north. metro reports they are on normal service. >> thank you. it is day two of digging out from saturday's storm. >> remain roads could be covered with black ice. we have cold temperatures. that could mean a massive morning commute. courtney robinson has the latest. >> you spoke about the delays.
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we are out at university park elementary school. one of the schools that will be affected. we are seeing eye is on some of these sidestreets. -- we're seeing ice on some of these side streets. you want to be careful if you're trying to make your way into work this morning. some of the streets have been cleared up. crews were out over the weekend. about 1000 plows were on the road in maryland. when temperatures drop, it turns to ice. maryland had cruised out. d.c., same thing, trying to make sure things were clear for your commute. -- maryland had crews out. there were a number of side streets that seemed like to have not been touched.
5:34 am
vdot is trying to work to get those areas cleaned up. many residents are saying they have to dig forof their cars out. you do want to make sure you add some extra time and that you are cautious. it is very cold outside. there are patches of ice. most of the streets are clear. but with cold temperatures, we're seeing there are big patches of ice. it could be a difficult morning. >> you have to be careful out there. many people in virginia are still digging out. the richmond area, nearly a foot of snow. it caused hundreds of cancellations at richmond airport. flights are scheduled to be back on schedule type. people in oklahoma have been without power for days after snow and ice covered utility
5:35 am
poles and power lines. crews have been working around the clock to get the electricity back on. toyota owners will get some answers. they will announce a fix for the millions of cards that have been recalled because of those gas pedals that can stick. will have that announcement coming up in a live report. -- we will have that announcement coming up in a live report. the plan will add 1.6 trillion dollars to the deficit this year. and then it will continue with deficits of more than $700 billion a year for a least a decade. $100 billion will be used for job creation programs. the stimulus program created or saved nearly 600,000 jobs through december of last year. the accuracy of the report is coming under attack because the
5:36 am
previous report was riddled with errors. there were 24 metro-related deaths last year. that is the deadliest year. we have a breakdown of a little. 24 deaths included the nine people killed in june. two track worker deaths. two accidental falls. nine suicides. a contractor was electrocuted. investigators are trying to fin wha started a house fire. the victims are identified as lucille causley and adam lockard of bethesda. lockard was a psychology major. >> i knew exactly who he was. >> there is a lot of sadness.
5:37 am
>> investigators say the fire started on the outside of the building and spread it inside. they are trying to determine whether the blaze was accidental or not. bob mcdonnell has not issued an executive orderbout discrimination in the state work force. virginia governors have issued a statement on the issue. his predecessors included discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. he has indicated he thought they went too far. 5:37 on this monday morning. 22 degrees. >> some of the most talked-about moments from the grammy's last night. >> after all those recalls, toyota will mail its big six. i will have a live report. >> we will have a check on the
5:38 am
traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we also have the latest school closings and delays on a monday morning. you're watching "good moing washington."
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>> this is the automotive technology class. we're working on some engine
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rebuilds. my name is mike. we train tomorrow's technicians. >> good morning, washington. welcome back to "good morning washington" on an early monday morning. we have lots of school delays and closings. no precipitation today. it is crystal clear. there are some slick spots, especially on those sidestreets. look at the chilly numbers. 11 and warrenton. 38 in waldorf. a little bit milder by the bay. here is the deal. plenty of sunshine. mid 30's. we will get some melting. clouds will roll back him. it will be cloudy tomorrow. light snow could fall by tomorrow night. let's check in with lisa baden and see if there are any issues on the roadways.
5:42 am
>> all of the roads. you run inside and get warm. you stay inside and watch this. travel times are increasing for us. i have given you a yellow arrows on 66 and 95. ok out of southern maryland. route 5, route 5, 301. the beltway is clear from shoulder to shoulder. -- route 4, route 5. everything is working in your favor between centreville and the beltway. 70 looks decent. nothing in and out of baltimore. a structure fire. 16th street is closed near u street. alison and doug. >> thank you. 5:42. we have 25 degrees. >> a public plea to tiger woods. it is not adjusting pga who is
5:43 am
missing him. >> we have the latest school closings and delays. >> we have the latest school closings and delays.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. if you're just joining us, a lot of school closings and delays to pass along this morning. we will check the zero other
5:47 am
top stories. please note that started to melt yesterday -- the snow that started to melt yesterday iis turning to ice. be careful when you head out to work. >> president obama will present his budget plan to congress later today. job creation will be the focus of the spending plan. it would end up to $1.6 trillion dget deficit. >> police found a man with gunshot wounds in southeast around 12:30 this morning. he later died. no motive or suspects so far. toyota will announce how it will fix that gas problem. -- the gas pedal problem. they are looking to reassure drivers. kathy park has the latest on the
5:48 am
recall. >> toyota is expected to make a formal announcement detailing a solution to resolve the crisis test tarnished the reputation. it could mean millions of owners could be heading back to the dealership. after millions of cars recalled and production on hold, toyota will now announced plans to fix the faulty gas pedals. the announcement that dealerships have been waiting for. >> i am very relieved that toyota is about to release to recall information. >> dealers said possible solution may involve replacing a spring to push the gas pedal back. tester prevent sticking and future accidents. >> once a steady supply of those gas pedals are available, they will have to get customers to come in to take an hour or so for the mechanic to get all the
5:49 am
parts installed. >> reports could come in as early as thursday. drivers will have their vehicles fixed within weeks. >> as soon as the customers get the recall notice, we will be open 24 hours a day. correct toyota plans to act quickly. it could be several months before those mechanics are trained to fix the problem. kathy park, abc 7 news. >> thank you. 5:49 on this monday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we had all these notes this weekend. we have not one but two potential snow falls this week. >> one system will glance us to the south. we could seek an inch or two possible. this weekend, another system could become a major storm system. potential.
5:50 am
i do not want to oversell it. let's take a look outside. let's jump to the scam and then go to the graphics. three degrees at fort meade this morning. we do have some cold air. huntingtown, temperate rockville, 13 degrees. that is the actual air temperature. kind of hard to believe. we have a cold air mass in place. we will be watching as we go through time that storm system in texas. there is some moisture that will be coming in our vicinity as we head through tomorrow evening. we will watch it closely. it will be down to our south. it is wedged between those systems. we could get a touch of moisture as it swings on through. we are crystal clear today.
5:51 am
tonight, some clouds will start to roll on in. it will be cold and cloudy on tuesday. into early wednesday morning, we picked up on some snow trying to sneak io this area. we could see anywhere from a light dusting to an inch or two. sunday and called this afternoon. no moisture content so with the snow should melt. temperatures in the 20's. chance of snow possibly tomorrow night. on friday into saturday, our next system is moving into the horizon. >> the goal is to get through this morning. you'll be fine once you get out of your neighborhood. i will take you to 270, someone getting a traffic shoulder. just wanted to show it flashing lights and the volume of traffic. it is moving pretty well.
5:52 am
moving well is 95, 66. look at all of your neighbors trying to get to work on time. we will go back inside. >> thank you. one of the most memorable moments last night it was a tribute to the late king of pop. >> his message was simple -- love. we will continue to spread his message and. >> those with the words of prince michael, michael jackson's son. was a live and taped cooperation between some current musicians along with michael jackson. >> his children are beautiful. >> he never gets to see them. >> -- we never got a chance to see them. >> they have always been hidden. tiger woods is taking some time off from a belt.
5:53 am
a california company is sending a message to the star. a strip club chartered a plane that flew at a banner over the golf course that said, "we miss you, tiger." the sign is getting lots of attention. >> i have not heard that story before. >> leave it to a strip club to demonstrate the height of good taste. >> they are running more advertising awareness. pet is the funny part. 5:53, 25 dreams are amazing things.
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the california girl trying to become first the youngest girl to sail around the with world is having some problems. >> she said she is not keeping up with the energy needs. she wants to sail around the world. she could become the youngest solo sailor. it is too bad. >> she will probably run into bigger obstacles than that. storms and that stuff. we have much more to come in
5:57 am
our second hour. >> one woman helped to live forever with a donation through science. her family never knew about it. >> it is still basic health care. i am courtney robinson. we will take a look at the road conditions. -- is still icy out there. >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute. we have your traffic, weather, and the latest school closings
5:58 am
5:59 am
the lasting effects of the winter storm. msci morning commute. lots of school closings and delays. >> toyota it is hours away from unveiling a solution. we will have a live report. >> and the grammy goes to -- >> a rematch between beyonce and taylor swift. we will tell you who walked away the big winner. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. 6:00 on this monday. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. we are so glad you're joining us on this busy


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